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Your CAAK Board is at work at the Spring Conference. The Corn-hole Champions for 2014 Spring Conference were Randy Tasa and Jim Branham.

Dennis Thurman won the Texas Holdem' Tournament, and Kevin Ahlgrim was the winner of the 50/50 drawing.

If you have not received your CEU form or have questions about the process, contact Board Member Jim Branham

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    CAAK's 2014 Spring Education Conference is underway!
    If you missed the conference, here are some of the events that we have completed so far.
    Dennis Thurman
    Texas Hold'em Winner
    Jim Branham & Randy Tasa
    Corn Hole Champions
    Kevin Ahlgrim
    Winner of the
    50/50 Drawing

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    Current UL Public Notices
    UL warns of unauthorized UL Mark on halogen telescopic desk lamp (Release 12PN-46)

    UL warns of potentially hazardous communications cable (Release 12PN-65)

    UL warns of counterfeit UL Mark on fire sprinkler (Release 13PN-06)
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    Building Inspector (Mechanical/HVAC)

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